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The Teconnex Power Advanced 100 is designed to provide energy storage capacity efficiencies in the range of 95%. Lead acid batteries in comparison offer much lower levels of performance. Our own tests identified that lead acid batteries usually struggle to achieve 50% of the operational capability of the Advanced 100.

In short, this means the Advanced 100 will deliver at least double the operational performance in a unit that is half the weight of a typical lead acid option. In real world operation, the performance benefits of the Teconnex Power Advanced 100 can be even greater.

During a lifetime of standard operation, the Teconnex Advanced 100 LiFePO4 battery will always outperform a lead acid equivalent in every aspect. This includes the higher 12V nominal voltage provided by the Advanced 100, which is achieve even as the battery approaches full discharge.



  • Length

    328 mm

  • Width

    172.5 mm

  • Height

    217.3 mm

  • AH


  • Warranty

    5 YEARS

  • Weight



    n-house Teconnex UK design. Our products are built from the ground up by our own engineers.

    Industry leading battery cycle life, battery operational voltage and battery depth of discharge capacity.

    Grade A assured LiFePO4 cells providing long-term product performance.

    Self-isolate features for added safety thanks to ability to isolate with “off” and “on” modes via the Power Smart app.

    Safe to operate, including extensive in-built safety features providing high levels of protection.

    Clear visibility and user control of the battery via the Bluetooth enabled Android and Apple IOS app.

    Rigorous component sourcing for the highest levels of quality and reliability.

    Very low rates of self-discharge when the product is not in use or is left in storage.

    Teconnex’s heritage of more than 70 years of UK based manufacturing expertise.

    Knowledgeable UK based customer support and technical service teams.

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